When Joan and Joseph Lopez purchased their venerable white house in 1968, they received some unsolicited advice about their Carrick castle.

“My father said, ‘Burn it down,’” Joseph Lopez recalls. “Even the real estate agent said, ‘Keep it a few years, then get rid of it.”

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Since 1978, the URA has been helping City of Pittsburgh residents buy a home or improve their existing home through a wide array of mortgage and home improvement products that vary in features and eligibility, such as, no equity home repair term loans with rates as low as 0%; loans with no income limits; grants for down payment and closing costs assistance; and emergency repair programs for low income homeowners. Special 0% deferred mortgages are also available to buyers of URA sponsored newly constructed and renovated single family homes.

To speak with a program officer about your financing needs, please contact Jenny Kohnfelder, Manager of Consumer Housing Programs, at 412.255.6639 or