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Available Sites

The URA is responsible for the acquisition and disposition of various properties for the purpose of assembling sites for redevelopment. It also acts as agent for the City of Pittsburgh in assembling properties for City-sponsored projects.

The URA works closely with our partner community development corporations throughout the City of Pittsburgh to identify and target sites for redevelopment. Information on each of our targeted development sites is listed below.

A comprehensive listing of URA owned properties and parcels is available here. The URA reserves the right to remove any property from this list at any time for any reason, without notice.

If you are interested in partnering with us on one of these redevelopment projects, or purchasing a URA owned property, please contact Development Officer Claren Healey at 412.255.6568 or Click to email.

Targeted Development Sites


Neighborhood: Hazelwood


Second Avenue offers an aggregation of parcels in the heart of the Hazelwood commercial district along Irvine Street at Hazelwood Avenue. Major development plans will dramatically influence the face of this neighborhood, as redevelopment of the 250-acre former LTV Coke Works site begins. The parcels provide substantial acreage along both sides of Irvine Street and frontage for redevelopment in a community ripe for investment.
[See Second Avenue Commercial District]

Neighborhood: Hazelwood


Located in Hazelwood [See Location Map] just west of Hazelwood Avenue, the Woods House parcel [See Property] is home to the oldest homestead in Pittsburgh and represents a true gem in the City's history. The URA will encourage restoration of this home and property.

Neighborhood: South Oakland


The Pittsburgh Technology Center (PTC) is a state-of-the-art riverfront office park and regional center for research and development. PTC provides an attractively designed, high-quality environment to meet the needs of both established and new companies involved in the development or application of advanced technologies. The University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University have joined forces with the business community to make this development a success. The campus like setting combines tree-covered walkways and a greensward with grasses and wildflowers.

Several sites are available, all with nearby parking facilities (now under construction). Site plans will double the office space at the park and incorporate a greater degree of mixed-use projects to enhance its attractiveness to potential and existing park tenants. The first phase of the spine road relocation is now complete and offers frontage for three parcels. The second phase will open opportunities for two additional sites while accommodating expansion of existing buildings. Utilities are available. Download this RFP.

Neighborhood: Lawrenceville


This 14-acre property, formerly occupied by Tippins International, is a large underutilized brownfield located at the intersection of Butler Street and the 62nd Street Bridge. It is easily accessible from I-79, I-376 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Foundations have been removed within approximately 48 inches of the ground surface. A stormwater management facility has been installed to address stormwater volume and rate control needs of the site at full build-out. A partial access road from Butler Street has been constructed along the western edge of the site. Future user is assumed to be industrial or flex-industrial. To download this RFP click here.